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what i've been up to [29 Sep 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

well its been quit a long time like months since i have written in here. Senior year is awesome. I broke up with jenn, it was hard for like a day. it was for the best. I have been living it up to the fullist since then. Since school has started i have reverted back to my old ways and turned into an Al-Co-Holic. It has been tight, kickin it with my boys and a few of my NEW girls. Why is it that as soon as you tell a girl you just got out of a long relationship they suddenly have all the time in the world for just you? anyway that has been cool. I'm excited because i keep getting letters from Santa Barbra which is good. and that is tight because i will be able to go out with my boys Eric and Nelson. School is School, its always the same. The weekends on the other hand have been much of a blur. Basicly I have made real good friends with Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo. as far as ladies there have been many that have caught my eye and attention all wanting to help me get over my break up. So... They have so I have to give it up to all of them vanessa, Christina, Bianca, Steph, Regina, Dani, Dani G, both Amy's, and Tawny. Some how or another i have gotten with them on a mental or Physical level. Mostly Physical. actually all physical. except tawny. well i am off to do homework for Government but i will be in touch because this has been a nice little vent. and if you do know me you know i dont care if you read this or not so i will pretty much write anything


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uhhh whats a journal again [13 Apr 2004|12:51pm]
[ mood | busy ]

well guys you know me I dont like to update to often but usually I just cant find the time. Well lets see lately I have been working my tail off at work, I've been there for about two months and its fun and all except for the fact that I cant spend enough time with My WONDERFUL girlfriend. She's the best. Our six month anniversary is coming up and I know some people think that is hardly an anniversary but we are not the typical couple. We celebrate our love for one another every month as if it were our first or our last. Every month is special. Some times I take our time together for granted and at times I take Jenn for granted. I know she won't be here for very much longer and just want to be with her every second of every day. I will miss her so much. But I have faith in our relationship and our love for one another.

Dam man the foreign exchange guys left its hard to think that we may never see them again. That sucks they were fuckin cool MATES.haha we some good times in the short time that they were here. and i will always remember them.

It is now the fourth quarter and that means there is about 2 months of school left which is kinda scary, it seems like so much will be happening soon I just hope i'm ready for it. I am deffinitly looking forward to this up coming summer. It will be full of memories with all the people I love. You know who you few are. As far as school goes I will be preparing my self and staying on top of things or at least trying. There are a couple of classes that I need to bust ass in and others where I just need to maintain my focus and I know I will be fine. And I know that as far as next year goes I have a couple of friends who will be able to talk me through my senior year. WoW I'm gonna be a senior???!!!?? There are so many things to consider....Thats kinda weird...LIFE sure does go by quick, I kind of always knew that in the back of my head but it has just sort of hit me right now. Oh well, I know I will be ready for it and just hope Life is ready for me. Well thats it for now. talk to you all soon.


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holy shit [17 Mar 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

HOLY FUCK guys, its been a fuckin long ass time. Well lets see last time I was about to go to work. So today I got my first pay check after two weeks $243 that made it worth it. I had a good day up until I tried to cash it,cuz I locked my FUCKIN keys in my truck. Yea I know what you assholes are thinkin,DUMBASS!!, yeah well guess what?I already know that. FUCK YOU. So lets see nothing eventful has really happened in the past two weeks, or at least I haven't paid that much attention to anything.

The only real big thing was Jenn and I five month anniversary. Woo-hoo, it seems sort of surreal,like I know that it happened and it seems like we have known each other for so much longer but its just like WOW. thats like the only way to describe it. and still to this day she takes my breathe away. I always catch myself staring at her, and still amazed and I think I always will be. I feel I am the luckiest guy in the world. She just really knows how to make me happy and I love her for that.

well guys i'm done i'll try and update more not that you all really care


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working out SUCKS!!!! [01 Mar 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey guys hows it goin? I swear to god everyone i know is startin there diet or work out. FUCK that shit i quit.

anyway, I'm going to finaly start working on wed.GAY. and the bad thing is i work like all week long,i'm not used to this shit my body is gonna go into shock. Well lets see, what else has been goin on.uh school is school.Teachers are gay, people are stupid.ya know same old same old. The only thing i'm worried about is Jenn. It's gonna be hard trying to spend time with her. It seems like everything is cutting in to time alone. I mean we barely spend time as it is and it seems like half the time im just thinkin about her and always missin her. and in about six months she'll be gone. Ya that sucks. but I know we'll make it work and this will just make us appreciate the time we have together. Its hard knowing the person you love will soon not be with you all the time.
Home life is always weird. although so is my life.but i do hate bein home not for any particular reason but just because it is just BORING...fuckin kangaroo's... well guys i'm done have fun with this.

I'll talk to you all later



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[29 Feb 2004|02:13pm]
Hey guys, hows it goin? so yeah I don't know when I last updated but I know its been a long ass time. So yeah lately I've been sick for like a week or so and bein sick is never fun. I couldn't do anything all I did was stay home and spend time with my "new" girlfriend. Her name is T.V. and that Bitch is boring. I'm still dying but oh well.
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wow its been a long weekend [16 Feb 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey guys whats up? well i'm sittin here just chillin at jenn's today is our 4 month anniversery. woo-hoo, well it may not seem like much but to me it is. Jenn is the world to me. and i have faith that we will go far and make this thing last because this thing is special and wonderful and can only get better.

well I didn't have a lot of money to spend on her cuz i'm just flat out broke. So i went for the home made approach, which I thought was a good attempt. I made her a sort of keep sake box, to put all of her favorite things in. I decorated it and tried to make it as cute as I could. Yea, i think she liked it.

Valentine's just passed and it was somewhat special. Special because I had someone to spend it with,but not so much because we weren't by ourselves. Not to say that I didn't have fun but I think I could have made it better. But hey I don't really like the fuckin holiday and I tried. I have my reasons and its not because I was alone for like everyone up to this point. oh well.

Well Jenn won't be goin to London which in a way kinda makes me happy BUT I know how much she had her heart set on going. I just want her to be happy and i know that would have been an amazing experience. I know it would have been really hard and all but just knowing how happy she would of been would have been worth it. Plus we could of had that movie style reuniting when she would come back. But the bright side of it is she is only a couple hours away and that is easier to work with. Cuz we have the capability of seeing each other which we will abuse. And college dorms. Awesome.

well I must be off to do the HW that I avoided all weekend. FUCK!!
good night to all of you bastards.


P.S. I love you Jenn, and I know I was a cute baby. What happened?

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I feel BLAH [12 Feb 2004|07:01pm]
Well today was has been just like the past few.Blah. Most of all you guys know whats goin on with the whole Jenn. I Just want to apoligize to you guys as well, mainly Kayla,Britt,Allie,Jess,B,and Lori. I know you guys are all Jenn's friends, and mine as well. I want you guys to know that I am sorry for what i've done.You all trusted me to never hurt Jenn and I did that very thing to her. I have repeatidly told her that. I do not feel as though I have just betrayed her but you guys as well.You all trusted me.I'm sorry. I love jenn and I never meant to intentualy hurt her. Although she said she forgives me I still can't help but feel bad for what i've done and how i've made her feel. But yes I haven't seen her for three days and I'm dying inside. I only long to hug and hold her in my arms. Look at her and tell her I love her. Jenn I love you and miss you terribly. I hope you know that. I love you with all of my heart, with all that I am. You are the greatest thing in my life right now at this very moment. Losing you would be like losing my self. I have experinced loss too many times in my life to count. I wouldn't be who i am with out you. I love and miss you.I am lucky to have you and probably dont deserve you. Thank you for forgiving me and staying in my life, we have a great thing, and i'm glad you are still willing to try. I have felt like utter crap for the last couple of days. I dont deserve anyone's comfort. I guess i deserve what i have gotten, the way i feel is not nearly enough punishment for what i've done to the woman I love. Well, I must be off to do some HW. Maybe I will talk you all later. Happy early One month to Brandon and Jess.may you guys have more to come. Later --chris--
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FUCK YEAH ROAD TRIP!!!!!! [06 Feb 2004|07:59am]
[ mood | excited ]

Woo-hoo yes!!!today we are all going to the beach, and medieval times. Hey i'm just happy i'm not in school, that government controlled factory of evil. So yeah this should be fun. I get to go with the girls.YES...but I just hope that everyone takes the stick out of there ass and cuts loose and has some fun. Thats what high school should be about. Having fun. This is the shit you're gonna remember when you are old and wrinkly. The good times that you had with all of your friends. So ignore the drama, get over your self, and have a little fun. This goes out to everyone, to everyone who is goin to who wants to have fun, this weekend and next weekend. Just chill.OR I'll bitch slap you. ok



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I feel dirty [31 Jan 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

its been awhile since I've done this but I have a valid excuse for not doing so. I don't have the internet at my house so there. Anyway last time I talked you all it was the end of Finals. Now its about a week in to the second semester and I feel I'm doin better. I'm more on task I just hope I keep up the momentum for the rest of the year.

So Life is good right now. I have no complaints. Yet...
Last night was Jenn's dance show she was amazing like always. And so was everyone else. You guys fuckin rocked. But yes, Jenn always amazes me, when doesn't she. Not just dancing but all of time. In school, Life, just everything. I could only hope to be that great. but since I can't achieve that kind of greatness at least I have it in my life.

Well folks today was boring all I did was clean, and clean and clean. And i feel dirty, Ironic don't you think?.... well I'm with my love right now and my attention is beginning to wander. so I will be off cuz the night is young and I dont have to wake up untill like 2 in the afternoon to get ready for the Game. So if you got bored while reading this and you want to do something DON'T call me.


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holy shit it's been forever [23 Jan 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Well hey guys, holy shit it's been forever since i've updated..there has just been so much stuff goin on and so little time. Well I'm sure this one will be long so if you're interested read on.

      So yeah today was fun, except I had to wake my ass up at the crack of dawn, hey guys did you know that the sun doesn't come our for a long time.shut up. We kidnapped Jess today and that was some funny shit! Those of you people who took part know what i'm talkin about. The funniest part for me was sittin on her in the car and nearly makin her PISS herself -thank god she didn't- ya there were other highlights, but that was mine. Operation Bumble-bee was sucessful ! 

     Its Friday and I made it through all my finals. Yess..and I think I did damn good, or at least I think I did, I hope I did. some were unexpected but relativly easy. I just hope my grades reflect that. most of this week was takin up by finals.

   My truck is a piss of SHIT!! the other day i went to go and pick up Jenn and I get to the parking lot and there is a fuckin nail stuck in my tire and started slowly leaking. so I finaly figure out how to do it. Its a Ford so it had to be all complicated, and then I figured out that i had put the Mother Fucker on backwards. dont ask me how but i did. so that pissed me off.

      We have a four day weekend, ALRIGHT!!! so all you assholes out there who didnt call me last weekend better call me this weekend. I want to do something with all of us together, it would be fun. Maybe a frolic in the park? could be fun? well I have to go and get some grub, but i swear i will attempt to update this thing for all of those adoring fans.


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I don't give a fuck dawg [17 Jan 2004|11:53am]
[ mood | blah ]

I dont want to write in this damn journal right now but i guess i must because thats what you are supposed to do. so to update all of my adoring fans (hahaha) yesterday was me and Jenn's 3 month anniversery.woo-hoo. Yeah, we didn't do shit though. I went and saw jenn at ensemble and took Eric with me. Yeah thats what i gave Jenn for our anniversery.ERIC. Actually I think Eric just went with me to check out all the ladies.yeah One in perticular...(coughs!..brandy)But enough about that, back to me and Jenn. We were both in this blah kind of mood and we just chilled watched South Park BIGGER LONGER AND UNCUT ("that movie has worped my fragile little mind") which i think is a great movie, but maybe not for our anniversery. Then since we were both starving we went and ate at Just Pizza and visited Jess. Sat there ate then went back to Jenns and watched George Carlin..our at least tried to. I know what you bastards are thinkin, "damn it Chris you fucked up, you should of planned something" well you know what screw you guys. But i know i should have done something to make this date stick out too, but next month is were I'll make up for it.OH YEAH. so that was Yesterday. oh Yeah i ditched too by the way,cuz i didn't feel like goin to that evil mind controling factory that they call school.
So today I got my lazy ass up at the crack of like 7, which is fuckin early for a Saturday, to help Gaspare at this Job. I made an easy 100 in about a hour. No complants here. Money is Money and i dont have much so i'm just doin what i can until i get one of those real Job thingys. Yeah so I dont know what i'm doin the rest of the day, I dont really care as long as i envolves sleep, food, and Jenn in NO perticular order of course. Anyway...So How's it goin? I dont really give a FUCK but if you really feel like tellin me post a comment.

The one thing I do know is, it is a three day weekend and i dont feel like sittin on my ass the entire time, so if any of you people have any bright ideas have ur people call my people and maybe we'll do lunch. See goes right back to food. Oh well, I'm fat and Lazy what can I say. So anything interesting with you mofo's?

Ok it's like the weekend before finals and I'm like thats cool. I'm actually confident in myself except for Adv. Alg. yeah that class sucks balls. but i guess you gotta if you plan to go to college,Right? God damn mongolins!!! Well yeah i'm not too worried. I'm actually more worried about Jenn, I just want her to do well. which i'm sure she will. Go on Hunny You'll do fine. and if not i'll text you the answers. well yes i must be off to do nothing at all, but it's better then...well i dont know what its better then but i'm done now.

Fuck off


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what the ugly child! [14 Jan 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

I dont know why i titled my entry that it is just one of those funny ass statements. So right now i'm now listening to metalica enter sandman on Allie's comp. Yeah we're over at Allie's and Jenn and allie are talkin about Prostitutes. Don't ask. So yes Today was like all the rest went to school, which is blah. I have some crap due in like all my classes which i haven't done yet oh shit! oh well i'll get it done. There was no drama at school which is really diff. but i dont really pay attention to that bullshit cuz thats all it is. (allie said her butt really itches,FREAK but thats allie and you have to love her for the randomness)

Oh yeah after school me and Eric went around and picked up job apps at Albertsons and Stater Bros cuz we both need money to pay for our cars. I almost didn't see Jenn today but we found a way around that, but it sucks cuz when I dont see her i feel almost empty inside. I need her in my daily life just as much as air or FOOD. Do you know what its like to need someone that bad?need them, want them, love them? then you cant say anything to me...In other news Brandon and Jess are together. Hold on stop the presses. Ya I had to think about that one for a second too. I mean I want to be happy for them and all because i think they are pursuing a good thing. But I honestly think that they are rushing into this whole thing. They just became friends. Brandon thought he was nearly gay and then found out that jess may kinda have a thing for him and then BOOM just like the big bang there together. What the hell happened there. I'm mean i dont want to say anything negative about the two of them cause there both really good friends of mine but i just hope the two of them know what there getting into. Good luck. i hope it at least lasts awhile.

well thats it for now but expect a rant about that shit they pulled at school today making us stand up and say the pledge.Fuck that shit fuck ur government and fuck ur pledge, i thought we were supposed to keep church and state seperate?

ok late

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just another day [13 Jan 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | good ]

well guys today was just like any other.i went to school and heard the same old shit from the same old teachers. Although when I went to chem we took a test and I think I did very well, which is suprising because I never do well in that class. Everything else just kinda blurred by. I have so many small assignments coming up, but as far as finals ,which everyone is stressing over, I'm not too worried about cuz nun seem that hard except adv alg which I HATE. Oh well..lets see what else? then i went and saw jenn at ensemble which is always fun cuz i get to see her, and she looks so cute when she dances. and i cant wait to see her at her dance show on the 30th. and so know im here at jenns waiting for her to clean her room and start doing some homework. I'm watching the news about how Wal-mart underpays and underworks there employees, i need a job but i guess im not goin there. I wanna work some place where i can make some dough AND piss people off...maybe albertsons hahaha but i might get jumped.
In other news... well i guess there isn't much news with me. On t.v. now there talking about the wild fires and how they're bad for the enviorment and im like no shit, it destroyed like half of California.Dumb ass..geez now they just mentioned how our Billion dollar Home Land Security failed a test last year on Sept. 11 at the washington monument and how none of the security guards noticed the discreet black trash bag.Fucking duh. like they really truthfuly give a shit there getting paid up the ass and there too busy counting there money to notice the black bag...Maybe its because it was BLACK. any way what else.
Oh yeah me and Jenns 3 month anniversary is coming up, woo-hoo. It so doesn't seem like three months. I think its because we have so much in commen and have fallen in love like everyday. I swear i love her more and more each day, and it is going to be so hard when she leaves to college and especialy London. But it will be worth every moment of agony for that moment which she comes back home and i get to hold her and hug and never let her go. P.S. everyone leave us ALONE on Friday.

well i guess thats it I'll try to keep this thing updated even though most you mo-fo's dont give a rats ass.LATE.

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ahhh fuck [12 Jan 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok so now i'm like all the cool kids and i have a journal thingy.i feel so special,yeah right now i just have some other thing to write in.but whateva,so to update..i hate school but im gettin through it.friends for the most part are good. I think theres a love connection brewing between BigB and jess.Awww how cute.good luck to the both of you. things with jenn couldnt be better,except for the fact that she may be goin to london for a year instead of six months which kind of suxs.but i think we'll get through it. I mean i know it will be hard but i think it is totaly worth it cuz she means the world to me AND I would do anything for her even suffer a year without her just so she is happy.Lets see what else do you guys need to know?yes it really is 14 inches...my shoe size, shoe size people geez.uh..dam this is kinda hard hopefully i get better later.but this is just the first of many entries. so um i havent offended anyone yet but i will soon.I know you all will love that. so umm.. i guess i'll write in this later..
have fun keep it in your pants

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